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Other creative stuff our kids like to do….


Ollie, Tilly and another friend decided to do a surprise treasure hunt type thing for Charlie, Henry and Walker.  They set up notes, codes, “clues” and then surprised the three boys, telling them they had to do a spy mission.  Unfortunately it was pouring with rain when they set out….


But they managed to collect everything and returned soaked to the skin!


They put together clues, got dried and then were hijacked, blindfolded etc and thown into the car.  I had to drive around to confuse them before depositing them at their next stop!



They did end up at the pool though and had a big swim.

The boys loved it as much as the older kids enjoyed making it all up I think…..


Meet Benji!


Image OH yes!  We have our new dog.  Benji is just 14 weeks old, his mum is a very gorgeous pure bred Beagle, his Dad a holiday romance of unknown breed (I am thinking Huntaway, he has big feet!)  Image This has been a dream of Charlie’s for a long time, so very exciting that finally after travelling, getting settled, getting a fence built and finding the right dog Benji is now part of our family. Image It feels like a big learning curve having a puppy!  But wow!  what love and cuddles already….. Image His favourite toy has been a lion dress-up mask, which he pulls into his bed to sleep with…mmm…may have to change that! Image We have been lucky to have Pilot staying with us this week, a friend’s wise old Jack Russel who has been invaluable in helping Benji settle in.  He will really miss him next week.  It has been so funny seeing Benji watch and copy Pilot, who has been extremely patient and long suffering.  We have managed to sneak him out for some decent walks though as a thanks for  all he has done!

Jamboree dreaming


Ollie has returned from 10 days of heaven on earth.  What an amazing time he has had at NZ’s 20th Jamboree, luckily for us just in the next town.




The “Palmy Panthers” had a great camp set up when we visited for a day.



The entrance to their camp was really rustic.  There were some incredible gateways to been seen wandering around.  I liked their homemade, lashed gate with turnstile.




There was such a lovely laid back vibe about the camp, so much fun, so much comraderie, wild activites plus down time and badge swapping galore for Ollie!


IMG_4532Nearly 4000 scouts setting a world record for the most people wearing paper hats at one time!



They had the huge staduim that they used each evening for  events – party at New Years, circus, movie, opening ceremony etc.



IMG_4538Followed by a massive water fight with coloured water and fire engines!

Ollie has self diagnosed PJD – post Jamboree depression and has spent the last few days organising and now sewing badges on to his campfire blanket – he has 164!





He has returned walking taller and seems older somehow.  Here is a cool Australia shirt he swapped with one of his many new friends.  Ollie was just on a high the whole time, he really was.

Scouts is such a big passion for Ollie. I really loved to see him just buzzing, being a great leader, making friends and living like family with a huge bunch of like minded teens for ten days.  It was such a dream he really did not want it to end.  I totally understand that feeling.

Next stop World Jamboree, Japan 2015….



A decade date


One of the things we do with our kids is when they turn ten years old they choose a date with both of us.  Then at 13 yrs it is a weekend away, just mum, dad and them, their choice of destination/activity…

So as Charlie turns 10 this weekend (!!) we have been organised and been out already, with Ollie away at Jamboree it seemed like  a good time…

We have had one part of the date…that is a movie….



Then dinner out…



There is also a part that involves a dog, the beach and a sunset…just waiting fot the weather gods to work with us on this and some dog training…

Amazing that my youngest is in double figures. What a ten years, and now he is all growing up.