A dream 9 years in the making….


As our year unfurls its new rhythm Ollie has been able to realise a long held dream.  
At age 4 he became interested in the Army and has collected army gear to rival that of any quartermaster since.  Our dress-up box bristles with real NZ Army uniforms, he has bits of uniform from other countries, gear, kit, camo designed paraphenalia.  His herosl have one thing in common…they are all ex-SAS!
Even though his passion has meandered into off-shoots, up tributaries and back  as he has explored survival, bushcraft, disaster preparedness, first aid and politics there has always been the Army.  
He once said to me “Mum it is my dream to have an army to command.”  And so he would organise 5 or 6 friends into an army.

Now at 13yrs he is at last eligible to join Army Cadets!  Yeeehaaa!!



Today he was very excited about polishing his newly issued boots.  Which he did well.

What joy it brings me as a parent to have him tell me
-“Mum, I am so happy.”




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