The puppy bubble….



This is where I have been.
It is strongly reminiscent of having a baby.  Like being in a bubble, a baby bubble.
I have been locked  in self imposed exile – a puppy bubble – for weeks.

A delightful, cuddly, well loved bubble, but my own mini world of walkies, training, sleeping patterns, feeding…..



And in such a short time I have been initiated into the world of dog owners.  It happened this morning when I was greeted by other dog walkers who then greeted Benji…by name!  And so it happened, I am now known by my dog.  Just when I was starting to get myself back from being someones Mum I have now become Benji’s person.
I frighteningly think I am a ‘type’ –  I am a mother of a certain age who  gets a dog as my youngest  hits double figures and seems to sit less and less on my lap, weighing more each time.

There are a few of us out there I am beginning to realise.

Still, a friend the other day reminded me how dogs and owners do seem to resemble each other.  So as I gaze lovingly into Benji’s eyes and fondle his soft ears I feel better about myself as he is an exceedingly good looking dog.



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