Meet Benji!


Image OH yes!  We have our new dog.  Benji is just 14 weeks old, his mum is a very gorgeous pure bred Beagle, his Dad a holiday romance of unknown breed (I am thinking Huntaway, he has big feet!)  Image This has been a dream of Charlie’s for a long time, so very exciting that finally after travelling, getting settled, getting a fence built and finding the right dog Benji is now part of our family. Image It feels like a big learning curve having a puppy!  But wow!  what love and cuddles already….. Image His favourite toy has been a lion dress-up mask, which he pulls into his bed to sleep with…mmm…may have to change that! Image We have been lucky to have Pilot staying with us this week, a friend’s wise old Jack Russel who has been invaluable in helping Benji settle in.  He will really miss him next week.  It has been so funny seeing Benji watch and copy Pilot, who has been extremely patient and long suffering.  We have managed to sneak him out for some decent walks though as a thanks for  all he has done!


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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous, perfect little pup! So many great memories coming your way; may you have many years of happiness as you make those together!

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