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Charlie reads alot of comic books set in 1950’s America.  One thing he has always wanted to do , influenced by this I am sure, is have a lemonade stall.

So yesterday was the day.

With 3 others they went off foraging for lemons.
They made signs, set up a table, made heaps of lemonade, bought cups and then developed marketing strategies…..(This took about an hour)



Signs were re-written, put on each side of the road, wiggled at drivers….




They are keen to continue as they are raising funds for a good movie camera to make films on…



Home Sweet home


We have been home a month now and so many friends have asked me how It is being home….

Unsettling, yes it was for a while but mostly only because Hannah is so far away.

I felt quite overwhelmed by so much space, all to ourselves, rooms we may not even enter in a day  just sitting there…. Although  am getting used to spreading out again, it did seem very extravagant.

I have felt as though we have so much stuff.  After months of living out of small packs, there seemed suddenly like too much choice of clothes, of things to do, activites, games, kitchen equipment…..

It was strange to miss the whole winter so we enjoyed a couple of weeks of cold wet weather where we had a mini winter of sitting by the fire, eating soup and reading voraciously, real live books….

Then the sound of the NZ birds drifted into my consciousness and pulled me outisde to find spring everywhere.  Trees thick with blossoms, herbs uncovering themselves from  hibernation,  sweet scents on the air and the light so different.

I remembered the feelings I had had every other time I had returned from overseas…mostly just so glad and so very grateful to be living here in New Zealand.  The space, the peace and quiet, the freedom, the lack of cars and people.   The warm feeling of belonging, like a big hug from our friends here.

Yes all those things are still true.

The boys were quick to settle into rooms again, arranging new treasures….and they have been playing/hanging out (depending on who you are talking about!!) with friends non-stop.

IMG_4209Charlie spent ages putting up his newly enlarged teaspoon collection….




Rows of greens that Wayne planted whie we were away, such a delight to come home to!  The lavender hedge in full bloom and Charlie and Conal having a fire, cooking their lunch (they have been into chopping up wood alot and are expert axe users!)

IMG_4212The old pear tree loaded with blossoms…and now all set with fruit…..

I felt truly grounded when I made bread for the first time and then I started gardening and am so very happy to be home.  Our garden is going to be great this year, an abundance of food and colour.  Ollie is helping me and we are planting madly.  I am so enjoying the feeling of getting my hands in the earth.

Someone did suggest  I have “that out of my system now.”  For me it is the opposite.  After 15 years of intense parenting I am beginning to see more and more time opening up for me.  Times where I can choose what to do, chase my very own passions and pursue things uninterrupted for longer and longer periods of time.  And that is exciting!
Travel is pretty near the top of the list.

I thought I would be sitting at home, surrounding myself with our photos, trinkets and treasures and talking constantly about the trip.  Reliving it, keeping it all fresh so I didn’t forget it.  Yet instead I find that I am living in the moment more, each and every glorious moment.

Watching the sun rise in Bali on our last morning was beautiful and now becomes part of who I am.  Today though there is beauty all around me.  The sunshine, the birds, our own lovely home, a friend’s smile, picking spinach from our garden.

There is beauty, adventure and wonder everywhere and in every moment if you tilt your head the right way and for that I am truy grateful…



This tree loaded with evil eye medallions in Goreme, Turkey caught my eye.
I enjoyed it then and will enjoy having a photo of it.  A perfect balance to the pears perhaps?