Kia Ora,

I am Jane, living in Aotearoa/New Zealand and unschooling our children.  We have three amazing  children at home – Hannah 17,  Ollie 15 and Charlie 12.  I am also very fortunate to be a parent to Kim and Dane who are now parents themselves and have always been full of love and support for me joining  and adding to the family! They are an inspiration to me as my kids get older.  We live in a small, supportive community and live  lives of great freedom.   Hannah and Ollie went to school for two years and we have been  home educating since  the end of 2007.

Ollie, Hannah & Charlie, Airlie Beach Lagoon,2011

I am an ex-primary teacher, writer and musician.  We spend alot of time in the great outdoors, which we are blessed to be surrounded by here in NZ.  We camp and tramp and seem to spend alot of time having fires on beaches and by rivers. We also spend time reading, discussing world politics, human rights issues, history and life in general.

I teach music privately, play in an awesome folk/Ceilidh band and we all play a variety of instruments.

I am passionate about my kids and helping them to be who they were born to be. My intention is to  parent consciously and with joy and to live my own passion (slowly being unearthed…).  This blog is part of that.  My wish is to inspire and support others on their journeys.

I hope you find something to make you smile and inspire you in your own life.




At The Waterworks, Coromandel
Easter 2012


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  1. Glad to have found you. Looking forward to new posts. Really jealous about all the natural beauty you are surrounded by! I am a ‘wannabe unschooler’ living in desert, tiny Bahrain with pretty much zero natural beauty and not much cultural/historical stimulation either 😦 Would love to visit NZ one day!!

    • Hi Penny,
      That is so great, thank you!
      I have just started out and am very excited as I have alot to write about, ooops I mean Blog about!
      Will enjoy reading your comments and blog in time

  2. Thank you Jane for sharing your wisdom with our whanau. We have only just begun our homeschooling journey and so much of what you talk about truly speaks to my heart and the way we are parenting our two beautiful girls. I am so inspired by your blog and hugely grateful to Madz N Xi for sharing this. Can I ask what was the name of the book that you read which made you decide to homeschool your children? Love, loved watching ‘free range kids’ many many thanks:)

    Kind regards

    • It was Laura Grace Weldon, Free Range Learning. Although I can’t find it now. Laura has a blog too. Dayna Martin’s book is a good basic one on unschooling if you are interested, you could probably buy it off her website TheSparklingMartins. It is called Radical Unschooling – A Revolution has begun.
      Thanks for your kind words. And all the best on your journey, it really is a wonderful one to be taking! Hope you keep visiting…

    • Hi Michelle, Jane’s great isn’t she! The book she’s referring to (and it’s a great blog) by Laura Grace Weldon can be bought for a Kindle or I’ve attached a URL to (or you can use which I think will have FREE shipping to you. It does to me in Bahrain which seems crazy but I’m SO grateful, esp. as a homeschooler! Happy reading!

      • Thanks for the attachment Penny much appreciated. So glad I’ve come across such a supportive community of homeschoolers! Cheers

  3. Hi Jane, love the blog, you’ve made me smile, laugh, brought tears to my eyes and nod my head numerous times in complete agreement! Thanks, you truly are inspirational and i look forward to reading more. Ginny

  4. Hi Jane,
    Thank you very much for sharing about unhomeschooling today! The discussion inspired me very much and it would change something in a good way when raising my children for sure. Sorry that I had to leave earlier, but I just wanted to say thank you here again…Thank you!! Would be nice to catch up with you sometime soon:) Mayumi

  5. Hi Jane. : )

    Thanks for the work you put into this blog. I find your stories motivating and inspiring, especially as our family is only one of a handful unschooling in Taranaki. This road we’ve chosen gets tough sometimes…it’s nice to know there are others out there walking a similar path.

    Keep up the Good Work,
    ~Danielle : )

  6. Hiya…nice site…I was going to email you to ask about “rawism” but I just saw something on your blog..I also have been thinking about it for many years now and have finally decided to try it totally for a short period (30 days)…I have all but changed over to raw, my soul is thanking me for it and didnt realise how it can change you mentally…When I eat cooked of any sort especially rice/pasta/grains I am surprised how down the body feels…and then with raw especially sprouts, its like a new sun has been switched on .Hope I am making sense. I have read that this feeling of euphoria happens on raw food…anyway..Take care

    • Oh wow good on you. I have been eating too much cooked grain, well ok….cake type stuff over winter. Roll on summer when I find it much easier to eat lighter/raw. The feeling makes sense totally, good luck and let us know how it goes. 🙂

  7. Wow Jane – I have just spent most of this evening reading through lots and lots of your posts – (thanks to a link Doug Wilson posted on Facebook!) What an amazing blog you have. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the photos of you all and reading some of your stories. Fantastic – will be ack to read more! Love n hugs Marcia – your old playcentre buddy. xx

  8. Hi Jane, Danielle in New Plymouth passed along your blog and I’m really enjoying reading through your posts. We’ve been unschooling for about a year now and I only just feel like we’re figuring it out! I guess, as with everything when you have children, things evolve and change over time though, so we’ll always be adapting as they grow 🙂

    • OH yay, that is great. Yep is is surely a rip roaring journey of discovery. I used to feel sad that I didnt have it all planned out when my first was born, but now I am so very glad that I am learning as we go! So very timely reading your blog….I am really a writer too, just masquerading as a mum and music teacher…. so very inspiring to have that connection….! I will subscribe.

      • Cool 🙂 Hope you find something that helps! I love that writing is something I can do at home (though some days I have to wonder how I can keep at it with the million disruptions to the day 😉 lol). I’ve got a home schooling blog as well, though I’m still getting into the habit of actually writing in it. You’ve given me some inspiration to give it another shot tho, so thank you 🙂

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