Market day magic….


Here is Charlie living his dream!

Yes, the favourite day of the year when he gets to have a shop and work hard in it!


This annual event with our homeschool group has become epic for Charlie.  This year he had lemonade, popcorn, three raffles and a  lucky dip!  Amazingly (as the currency was 10c) he made $40!!

There was also a cake competition, enter by both the boys.  Ollie with a chocolate cake, decorated with lavender blooms….IMG_4361




Charlie’s banana cake won first prize!


There were so many gorgeous, handmade and creative things to buy and sample.  The kids had really pulled out all the stops.


Plants, garden ornaments, biscuits, hair ties, seeds, target  practice, toys, cards, body art, nail painting….


Raffles being drawn caused great excitement!


We also have a shared lunch and a huge clothes swap.  IMG_4376


We are so lucky  to have such a close knot group of like minded friends to spent days like this with.
Creating our own mini community while the kids create their own economy and have a ball doing it….


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  1. Came here to make contact for your awesome cauliflower dip and I see me getting my nails done by my lovely girl. What a great day I had so much fun, I think your market day was just awesome! So glad we could join you.

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