Charlie reads alot of comic books set in 1950’s America.  One thing he has always wanted to do , influenced by this I am sure, is have a lemonade stall.

So yesterday was the day.

With 3 others they went off foraging for lemons.
They made signs, set up a table, made heaps of lemonade, bought cups and then developed marketing strategies…..(This took about an hour)



Signs were re-written, put on each side of the road, wiggled at drivers….




They are keen to continue as they are raising funds for a good movie camera to make films on…



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  1. Hi Charlie – the secret to good marketing is…. timing and building a story around your product. Your lemonade has to be the perfect product, for the right person at the right time! Then you can’t go wrong. Having spent a year working in marketing now… I’m learning some tips and tricks.

    Hey and Samson and Joji will see you and Ollie at the Scout Jamboree in Feilding soon. Have a look at the Carterton Scouts Website: http://www.cartertonscouts.org.nz


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