Trip Tally


Whoops, yes we are home, in fact today the Turkish Kilim has been put up on the wall, invoking fond memories of Selcuk….

So here is the trip tally.
Nine years ago when we travelled in our house bus we should have kept one.  I only thought this after we were accidently caught up in not just one , but two Crime Scene Investigations.  It seemed a unique category. This time the trip started with two punctures….and no more after that.  Still it was the very first thing on the list….

Punctures – 2

Aeroplane trips – 10

Beds slept in – 37

Long distance bus trips – 12

Boat/ferry trips – 11

Ice creams eaten –  Turkey – 50
England – 49  (please remember there was mostly 4 of us….!)
Not a single ice cream passed our lips in Switzerland, Paris or in Bali – too much fresh mango juice there…

Palaces and Castles visited – 10

Churches, including Mosques and Temples, but mostly Christian churches, visited –  39

People we didn’t know who offered affection to Charlie in the form of head patting, cheek pinching, hair ruffling, back slapping, tickling and hugs.  This was all in Turkey.  – 103

Tours taken -13

Times Hannah was hit on/potential marriage proposals (Turkey) – 3

Items lost – 9 (not bad!)
– 2 soap dishes, with soap, 2 watches, sunglasses, lipbalm, computer charging cord – this was only temporarily lost as it was kindly put on a bus and caught up with us, Ollies new knife he accidently carried through customs, but we did replace it, one Turkish spinning top – a Topac – well used for months by Charlie.  We were delighted to find some brand new ones we had sent home with the kilim.

Bags purchased for myself – 7   (A record low number for me, in nearly 5 months of travel too)

Postcards sent – 30 (that I had a record of)

Blog posts written – 87

Have you read them all?


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  1. Wow Jane – I just had a browse through your blog and see that you are now back in NZ. It looks like you have had a fantastic time – what a wonderful experience you have given your kids. I’m sure you are all bursting with amazing memories. I must admit you have inspired me…. I’m currently planning to go cycle touring with my daughter next year… hopefully taking in several music festivals in the UK… combining 2 things we both love! Plans are evolving and we shall see what eventuates!

    I hope you are enjoying being back downunder now too.Home is also a cool place to be.
    Gisela xxx

    • HI Gisela, thanks! Oh that is so great, your plans sound fantastic. I am keen to cycle more and touring would be a great way to travel. Music festivals! Yes! Although it would be hard to beat WOMAD NZ aye???
      I am really enjoying being home now, took a while, but have such great friends and you can’t beat NZ for sunshine, space and freedom.
      Jane xx

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