Worldschooling wisdom: Lost and found


In the back of my diary we keep a tally.
How many beds we have slept in, boat trips taken, ice creams eaten that sort of thing.
One list is ‘things we have lost’….which is mostly watches and soap dishes.
So today while  at the Science Museum (London), in what Ollie called unschooling heaven, I started a list headed –

 ‘Things we have found during our trip’.

New friends
New tastebuds
More patience with each other
Understanding of how different people live
An ability to communicate across cultures and language barriers
An ability and a chance  to learn new languages (Hannah especially)
A renewed sense of togetherness in our family relationships
Self confidence in new situations
That humans have so much more in common than we do differences
A passion for travel (Hannah and Ollie)
A taste for the exotic
That history happened to real people in a real place
That a shared language is not needed to communicate the really important stuff
That the world is a beautiful and awe inspiring place
People everywhere loving, kind, giving and striving for the very same things we are
A trip is about more than just doing.  It is also about BE-ing.
*being calm in the face of a challenge,
*being patient while everyone gets their needs met,
*being positive no matter how tired/hungry/in pain you are,                                          *being kind to everyone  you meet and all with whom  you are travelling .

A quote I saw this week…..
“travel is the only thing that you pay for that makes you richer.”

Oh and one more for the lost list…..
Our need for stuff.
We have all felt the lightness of travelling with very few possessions and really enjoyed it.  Out of sight, out of mind definitely for any “things” we left in NZ
Although I have piles of postcards and posters, Ollie has been manically collecting sew-on badges for every place we visited (he has over 50!)  and Charlie his usual souvenir teaspoons, with numbers being bolstered considerably by his Great Granny’s old collection he is gratefully carrying home.

As a post script to this….
I am editing this at Kuala Lumpur airport (we have a 6 hour wait….) and have to confess that we have just bought a suitcase to bring all our Bali purchases home, Mostly presents….of course!
Still one day of  travelling with a load is enough!



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