Farewell London….Paris calling


While in London for our last few days we are saying our goodbyes.
This involves a mixture of things.
1. Returning to old haunts like in front of the National Gallery in Tralfalgar Square to watch the street entertainers,

2. Doing things on our list that we hadn’t done yet – the Science Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Millenium bridge, the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms – they were fascinating.
My map in is tatters now so it must be time to find my crisp new Paris one….


Charlie spent 3 hours on one thing at the Science Museum -The Machine.  It was comprised of tubes, pulleys, wheels, funnels and milions of tiny plastic baubles simulating sand.  Such committment and focus.  He was very happy and worked tirelessly with other boys as they came and went employing different stategies but always teamwork, communication, passion and so much pure physics!


Anyone who has visited this “unschoolers paradise” ( as Ollie called it) will know how much there is to see and do.  Ollie and I got plenty of time (three hours to be exact) to play with all the other hands-on things in the same area….

3.  Actually saying goodbye face-to-face, ringing family, emailing, writing cards…..

4.  Feeling the nights closing in, very quickly and a cooler touch in the air.

5.  Posting a huge box home, full of souvenirs, clothes, books, gifts…..

So, here in photos our last hurrah,
The unashamed tourists that we are
Although off now on a cycle tour
There is a chance there’ll be no more
Photos, for when cycling in London
Clicking and riding can cause a conundrum…..

Charlie earning some more dog money. Another inspiring session on Wimbleon Broadway.



Those poor boys will be quite happy if they never hear  those words again….”smile, boys…”


Getting to be more of a grimace me thinks….


The War cabinet Rooms were left as is when staff literally walked out in 1945 and  the doors were locked.  It wasn’t until the 1970’s they were rediscovered untouched and now you can see quite realistically what life was like for those who worked there….running the war alongside Churchill.


Our third visist to Buckingham Palace.  But first time without the huge crowds, ie just the normal hundreds….


The British Museum mummies….a got-to-see and I loved this little quote, especially when I saw the date…..


And  a little taster of home amidst all the history and granduer….


Last walk past St Pauls and over the Millenium bridge, where you could buy cups of freshly roasted sugary peanuts and buskers galore crowded the South Bank



As Charlie has been saying
– What-ho Chaps,
–  Jolly good!
– Top notch and all that.
– Suuuuper
– Too-dal- pip old bean…..
But I think as I change our pounds to Euros I must look ahead and bid London “Au Revoir…”


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