But wait there’s more…


Not only did we prolong our final goodbyes, but we saw and did heaps the next two days!  The two boys stayed together and got to play.
Karen and I with just the ‘big kids’ in tow met in Liverpool the next day for a big, fun-filled day out….


We soaked up the Beatles vibe…mostly in the Beatles shops where I bought postcards and stickers.  But it was very cool to see the Cavern and bump into Paul….


I was surprised at Liverpool, it is a beautiful city.



I loved the architecture, such a mixture of old and new.  The docks are stunning with the huge brick buildings, now transformed into amazing museums.


See?IMG_3627 We spent time in the International Slavery Museum, which was excellent, though hard to stomach.  There was also a very good Titanic exhibition, which was exciting as we have an enduing passion for the whole Titanic disaster in our family.

IMG_3644There seems much to celebrate and explore about Liverpool and it is done really well. The shipping history and  the Beatles rubbing shoulders easily.

We even managed to fit in a visit to both stunning and completely different Cathedrals.



The next day we spent in beautiful Chester, where we were staying….
“Walk around the wall” we were told. So we did.


It was a beautiful day and Chester is just gorgeous.  The wall walk is great.  There are places to stop  and get off, or view  things, old watch towers to enter, guides dressed as Romans (or later periods) to inform you of historical events.


The fantastic classic Tudor houses.



We saw the Roman garden and this, Chester Castle, from the Wall.IMG_3675


Charlie and Henry have had a great few (last) days together, after several years of friendship.  I know there will be a gap in our lives when we return.  Charlie, at least is getting a dog, whom I suggested he called Henry….

IMG_3665We also saw around Chester Cathedral (‘Churches visited’ is one of the largest on our trip tally), before what was dubbed our “last supper” together.

IMG_3683In reality it was a beer, a cider and a cup of tea…

We will miss you guys so much.  It has been  great to have some time with you on your new (and old) turf.   We have so many great memories of the last few years and all the adventures together….I am sure there will be more some day.




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