Road trip


In England it seems impossible to just go from one place to another, when there are so very many historic sites, old cities, Cathedrals,  ruins and  stately homes just calling out to be seen….(Not to mention tea shops….)

So upon leaving Devon for what could have been a simple 2-3 hour journey we turned off the M5 to visit Glastonbury…..



Hot on the trail of King Arthur, believed to be buried here in the abbey, home of the Holy Grail and famous for the nearby festival. For me there was more than that, Glastonbury was full of what the boys called “hippy shops”.  I could have spent many hours shopping here, my sort of town.
But we went up to Glastonbury Tor instead.  Plenty of atmosphere as we waited under a huge tree for the rain to clear and played united nations with the other wet assembled walkers – a chatty bunch of travellers representing 5 countries between us (and a dog).



The whole area is known as Avalon, the mystical island from the legends and it was a spectacular view when the rain cleared away…..


Plenty to return to see here, the Chalice Well Peace garden for one, which was crying out for a child-free time of contemplation…..maybe after a big shopping day in  all those hippy shops….


Next stop was Wells, just to see the Cathedral really.
We may be just about getting to the point of being a tensy bit blase about magnificent, old buildings…..Must be the fact we are near the end of our English adventures.  Historical saturation syndrome??


Well, no so fast because there is Bath!  Ah, look at these gorgeous buildings in the Royal Crescent….


Taking tea at The Assembly Room –  where is that Jane Austen dress when you need it??  I didn’t even suggest the Jane Austen Centre to the boys, after they had endured at least two of the aforementioned hippy shops, I didn’t think I should push it….


Amazingly gorgeous city.   Great award winning travel shop, (itchy Feet) .   Loved looking at the buildings, Many groovy street entertainers, especially these three who had lost the other 5 members of their folk band (as you do) and entertained us well while we had a break.   It was so good to hear folk music and has reminded me of the wonderful “Wellyfest” we will go to on our return to NZ!



So the perfect road trip?

It had all the right ingredients….Charlie navigating, the stop at the motorway sevices for Costas refreshments and even the unplanned scenic tour of narrow Cotswolds lanes when we were so very close to Northleach, my cousin and the dinner they had cooked us….


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  1. aaaahhh! Bath! 2 visits there so far,(it’s still on the ‘must visit’ list) Fred’s family had a house there & we were to stay in it if it hadn’t sold before we got to UK but unfortunately we were just a tad too late, still, we really enjoyed our visit

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