My treat


I wrangled things so that after three and a half months of travelling with my children I had a whole 24 hours alone…in London!

Post airport-drop-off I headed to The Tate (modern) for a quick look around. So much to see, I saw some and bought postcards, but the outside  was calling.

The building impressed…

as did it’s position on the banks of the river Thames, teeming with life…..
street entertainers every twenty paces, people sitting, eating, strolling….


Giant bubble making busker…..and a great little band that reminded me of the sounds we make at home…


Headless performer….


The Millenium Bridge was needing walking over as was the South bank.  Views to be had, places to put on a list for another time….

The next day from a mighty adventurous list I selected Camden Market  first, where I indulged in one of my favourite pastimes of present-buying.  Lunch at a funky vegetarian cafe overlooking the canal that had an array of raw delights too.


Then Tralfalgar Square where the National Gallery beckoned to me and I was happy to be absorbed by hundreds of years of some incredible art, gallery after gallery…..


The new addition to the 4th plinth in Tralfalgar Square…the giant blue rooster!
I just liked the symmetry with the London Eye behind…


This guy was great to watch, floating in mid air, except for the pole he was holding.

My “walking through parks” part of the day was so  wonderful and took so long, from St James’, to Green Park, to Hyde Park  and along to South Kensington, that the V & A only got a wistful glance, instead of the hour long visit I had imagined as I hurried past to catch my tube…..

IMG_3435And this squirrel the only photo….
A train trip to Devon in the evening was the perfect place to sit down after 8 hours on the go and contemplate the last 5 weeks of our trip.
(thanks to the boy-sitters in Devon.  🙂  )


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