The beauty of a circle


There are no sharp edges naturally occuring in nature. Not counting broken rocks.
I love the roundness found in the natural world and so to see it imitated in architecture is very exciting.  I have often longed to live in a round house,  sleep in a round bed, I prefer round tables…..

A la Ronde is technically a 16 sided house, but it seems round.  Near Exmouth, this is a cute home that was built by two cousins in the 18th century.  As if the exotic shape of the house is not enticing enough the story of these two is wonderful.  The two women were great travellers and adventurers.  They never married, they had family money so never worked and spent their lives in pursuit of the adventure of travel, collecting and the beauty of creation….


We took my Granny and my Uncle Tony.  Nice for Hannah to share this with her Great-Granny.


This detail was part of border around a room all made from tiles like these made from feathers, painstakingly glued into patterns…



The central room -The Octagon, where you could look up to see the upper gallery a room totally decorated in shells….(now closed to the public).



A zoomed in view of the room – amazing and a huge amount of shells too.


Hannah in dress-ups!


And another piano just calling out to be played.



The house is stuffed full of shells.  They collected and displayed many things, but shells have won out.  They are used in handicrafts, on table tops and just displayed in small boxes, shelves upon shelves of them.  This collage too….



I loved the little sail-like windows.  Ships were a huge inspiration in the design of the house.



I loved the fact these two women lived so freely and travelled so much in a time when such a life would have been highly unconventional.


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  1. That makes my shell collecting habit pale significantly. Why are all the windows around the second floor and not the first?

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