Hannah’s bon voyage


So at the ripe old age of 14 years old, my first born is venturing out into the world by herself!
It seems incredible to me. Yet also the most natural thing in the world.
She is so very independent, so confident, so very capable.
Hannah flew back to Zurich yesterday to start a year at school there.
She will be  learning German, living with our lovely friends  in the gorgeous Glarus valley, already a second home and attending school.

What an amazing twist to what was a trip overseas with her family!

Hannah’s farewell was simple.
We travelled to London, and went to two West End shows punctuated by dinner (Jamie Oliver’s Italian).
First up was The Cripple of Innishmann.  A great play and with Daniel Radcliffe being in it a great drawcard for many, like us I am sure!


Our evening show was The Mousetrap.  A nice tie-in to our earlier visit to Agatha Christie’s home.  Hannah’s choice (mine was Mamma Mia…), but I still enjoyed it!


Afterwards we returned to the stage door of the theatre where Innishmann was to see what being a real fan was all about!



It was manic!
All I could think was poor guy.
He can’t even leave work after a hard day (2 shows) and just walk out the door, unnoticed like his colleagues all were.
Still, in keeping with the spirit of the situation I passed my camera to an Amercian boy perched on his Dad’s shoulders who kindly took this blurry shot of the (very short) superstar….


mmm…moving on!

So Hannah moved around London like she had always lived there.


And the next day stepped out with her funky new winter boots – bright pink Doc Martins!
(Admittedly there wasn’t much for sale in terms of winter boots in Wimbledon mid summer….)


Hannah has exchanged her old backpack for a huge, stylish suitcase and has set off on her own odyssey.



I send her off with all my love and support and wishes for a great time.

Although it seems strange to have my 14 yr old leaving home already, I am excited for her as she embarks on the next chapter of her life, of what really is best described as “worldschooling.”


2 responses »

  1. Awesome boots!
    I hope she finds some time to blog on her stay over there. I found that other post she did to be very enjoyable and interesting.
    BTW well done Mama on raising such a confident and independant young lady.

  2. Gee thanks!
    Not sure how much credit I can really take, they are just who they are. Although I hope I have supported her in being true to who she is. 🙂

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