A study in the Cornish way of taking a Cream tea….


Yes apparently the Cornish way is scone, jam then clotted cream.
but in Devon it goes scone, cream then jam….

Never any butter, got to watch the fat intake somewhere I guess!

But actually our sojourn into Cornwall was not all about food.

IMG_3338First stop was Tintagel.  The weather was perfectly atmospheric for such a wild and windswept place from where many myths have risen over the years….


The legend of King Arthur is much shadier than I had realised.  It is believed he was conceived here at Tintagel, but he has been reinvented several times over the years to become the Medieval figure we know of today.


The castle part is on an island, just a short rock bridge between the steep cliffs with sea all around.


Absolutely stunning scenery, especially with the misty rain, very evocative of legends lost in time.


Down on the beach, running underneath the width of the ‘bridge’ is Merlin’s cave.  We walked through to the other side, and got a nice paddle in clear, cool  water.



The rock pools left at low tide, which we lovely to wade through.


I am really enjoying the National Trust and English Heritage properties, both excellent organisations!

Here in Tintagel, the old Post Office is a NT property, good for a quick pop in.  a 14th century cottage, very cute, full of character and set up as though lived in.

Next stop was Boscastle where in 2004 there was a huge flash flood which wiped out many homes and businesses.
We visited the Museum of Witchcraft here, which has markers on the wall inside showing the (high) level the water made it to that day.


This place was fascinating, full of all sorts of things. There was much history too and  like any display about the persecution of others, hard to stomach.
The owners have many lovely sentiments about acceptance of other’s beliefs.  They receive hate mail and have even had a death threat.  Ironically these are usually from Christian groups.
There is still much fear out there, fear sprung from a lack of  understanding.


Landhydrock House is stunning.
It  is set up as a working Victorian home  and really well presented to get an idea of the whole upstairs/downstairs thing that went on then (think Downton Abbey),


The grounds are gorgeous.   There are about 90 of these Irish Yews, all topairied (is that a word?) to perfection.  The cuttings are used for an anti cancer drug!  And they are all cut once a year and cut with  machinery….



I am just so totally impressed, more so after an extremely shortlived and disasterous attempt at shaping a small hedge in our garden once.  It is much harder than it looks….


Wandering through the house, reading about the family who has lived there, their lives and stories, seeing the nursey, servants rooms, kitchens, bedrooms of the family…it was easy to get absorbed in the world that was theirs, with incredible views over their estate for miles and miles.

In the last room. a huge gallery someone was playing the piano (this is quite common in these homes, there is a sign inviting competent players to play).  It really added to the atmosphere.  I enjoyed it while I looked and it wasn’t until  the pianist stopped and got up that I realised it was my own daughter playing!!


She looked quite at home, just needed a change of costume….



The music was very in keeping with the place and Hannah said she was just improvising!

We drove home over Dartmoor.  A stunning vista spread in every direction, sheep wandering, the sun lowering….

IMG_3376More “atmosphere” up on the moors, but we had a gorgeous sunset as we dined in a pub on a river.
You may be surprised to hear that our cream tea count for the  day numbered only one.


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