Out and about in Devon


We are a fluctuating group of family spread over three homes and two towns…

So there is plenty to do and plenty of people to do it with…
After years of seeing photos of my Mum  (she is a regular visitor during the English summer) with all her family is it so wonderful to actually be taking the photos…or sometimes even in them.


Heading off through the ‘smugglers tunnel’ to a little beach, where ironically even though it was a stinking hot day the water was so leg-numbingly freezing  none of us could bring ourselves to swim.


The two aforementioned towns are connected by a little ferry boat that runs constantly across this stretch of water…..Here is Teignmouth seen from Shaldon.


Hannah and Charlie on the ferry.



Charlie has found some commonalities with Lily and Laura, other dog-adoring cousins… they all spend ages grooming Quiddy, who quite happily sleeps through anything….



Next up was a water carnival, a parade of boats….very festive and lots of fun!


This Life of Pi one was clever, a tiger towing the boy on his raft….


The ‘Tinytanic’ was pretty well done too…towing an iceberg.


The hot favourite was a ship of pirates who shot water bombs from a huge catapult into the crowds on the beach.


My hot favourite was being able to walk down to the beach with my cousin Kate and her family.


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