Moor walking


The perfect birthday party as far as I am concerned….a gaggle of friends and family, a nice day and a huge expanse of natural beauty to explore!


Oh and then on our first stop the birthday girl  (my Auntie Wendy) pulling out a huge birthday cake!  What’s not to like?


We had a fantastic walk up on Dartmoor  – a place of wide open views, rocky Tors, and fern lined streams.


Any large Tors were like red rags to a bull and the boys instantly scrambled up them – following James (cousin of some description) to perch on the top.




We even had a ruined medieval village to explore….



I love the signs here, they are very exact and you often see halves, or three quarters in the distances.  There are some roads on Darmoor, but mostly plenty of space to roam around.

There are wild ponies (I can feel that song coming on again…)  sheep and cattle here too so I have to admit borrowing the pun from signs around that urge you to take ‘moor care” when driving.


A game of ‘pooh sticks’ at  lunchtime got very competitive when James started to modify his stick with a pocket knife!



Such a treat to be here for  family get togethers.

Extremely moorish.


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