Agatha Christie


Hannah loves Agatha Christie stories.
We both love visiting old homes,  especially those where a known person lived and you can imagine how they did so.   So while in Devon we travelled by vintage bus (1950’s) to Greenway,  Agatha Christies home on the River Dart.



The bus driver kept up a hilarious (and completely un-pc) commentary…his wife has been offered a job in New Zealand.  There seems to be lots of people here that have some connection to our home…

The family – Agatha, her husband Max, her daughter and son-in-law were all avid collectors.  So the house is full of all sorts of interesting things- snuff box collections, quirky china, much artwork, a fan collection…..

The other fascinating thing is that Max was an archaeologist, back in the day when it was quite a new science.  Agatha used to accompany him – much of the time in the Mesopotamia area, so their home houses quite a collection of artefacts.  Plus  amazing stories and photos from out on the “digs”.


IMG_3232 The grounds were stunning.
Paths leading down to the river, full of mystery, many places to hide, a battery from WW2,  a summer house, boathouse, plunge pool……just the place to play hide and seek or to set a murder story,,,,



‘Twas a misty, moody day down at the river.  The boathouse here was the setting of  a grisly murder or two  in “Dead Man’s Folly.”


Note to self:  Could live here on the River Dart, buy a home here with any future lotto winnings.


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