“Oh we do like to be beside the seaside…”



Yes there is a lovely promenade to walk along, ice cream shops, and of course the classic English pier.  This is filled to bursting with amusement arcade type games.  Air hockey being a particular favourite of mine.  Strangely called ‘bish bash” by my Auntie….


Complete with amusements of the type we would never play back home, but when in Rome and all that….
How much fun can you have with a pile of 2p coins…..?  Quite a bit as it happens.




The busy beaches…..the clouds……all so English!


And of course the local delicacy a Devonshire Cream tea with clotted cream.

Here the jam goes on first, but in Cornwall it is the cream.


I guess we shall have to visit Cornwall now to try it their way.  Athough Ollie did have a lasagne-type layered topping of jam,cream,jam, cream, jam….



My diet has gone from vegan plus cake (my normal one) to vegan plus cake, cream teas, ice cream…..
I can feel a walk on Dartmoor is needed.  A good long one.


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