Sacred stones


I was wondering whether going to Stonehenge was a cliche or not, but Hannah and Ollie reacted so positively when I suggested it, I was secretly glad as I had never been.
Top tip….get there early.  We left London before 7.30am and had a easy drive, no queues, no crowds.
It is such a stunning site, commanding views for miles (sorry…k’s).  This alone is reason enough to hang out there for a while.




The free audio guides are really great – full of stories.

We saw this martial arts club from London doing a photo shoot inside the roped off area – the whole place seemed a lot more interesting for Ollie at this point!





It did seem much smaller than I had imagined, but being the list-ticking tourist that I am, I was so glad to see it and to experience the feel of the place, buy the postcard, have the photo.
Great to have the kids visiting somewhere they have read about and heard about and can go WOW about too.



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