Huge horse


Nearby to Stonehenge is the giant  Westbury White Horse, carved out of the hillside.  There are 8 surviving “White Horses” in Wiltshire (there has been 24 in all of England, but not all have survived).
I guess it is good to have a “thing”, something that you do and in WIltshire it is to carve giant horses out of the chalky hillside….


It was beautiful up on the hill, warm and sunny.


Amazing you could go right up and probably even slide down it, except it is on a very steep hill…



Also here there are excavated remains of a 3000 yr old Neolithic long barrow and  2000 yr old Iron Age hillside defences!!
Coming from NZ these numbers  just make the mind boggle.
The countryside here is so gorgeous, very gentle compared to home and very different at times too…

The original Iron Age Hillfort defences were built at Bratton Camp over 2000 years ago. These earthworks protected a settlement containing round houses, granaries, stores and workshops.  The design and construction showed the effectiveness of the hillfort to its enemies.

The site was excavated in the 18th century.  However, three thousand years earlier a Neolithic long barrow existed on this hill, and later excavations in the 19th century uncovered human skeletons and cremations.

Today, this extensive chalk grassland supports herb and grass species that provide a habitat for a diverse range of insects, including the rare Adonis Blue butterfly and the scarce forester moth.

The White Horse is visible from afar and is a famous local landscape.  It is believed to have been cut into the hillside in the 16th century to celebrate the supposed Battle of Ethandun in AD 878.


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