Hint hunt


We tried the Museum of Natural History, we even managed to walk around the dinosaurs….but lack of air and crush of people meant it was unbearable.


(I love the exterior of the big museums as much at the content inside).

So we went for a boat ride to Greenwich on the Thames Clippers, where at at least the air moved….(I am not complaining, really!) .



It was great to see the other side of the Tower of London and the ever-sinister Traitors Gate!
Always good to view things from a different perspective too…



But for us the main event of the day was a visit to HintHunt (thanks to Joanne and Andrew, Kiwi friends who recommended it.  🙂  )
Of course I can’t really tell you too much about it…it would give the game away.  But the basic idea is you get locked in a room (four is the optimal number) and have to get out using clues, codes, your wit and communication skills while and searching for things that may help you.
It is a brilliant team-building activity and so much fun for a family to do.
I loved it how we are all so different which meant we had a variety of  strengths and skills  to draw on while problem-solving.
No photos inside of course…


This is our last day altogether in London.  We have been so grateful to have been able to call this our wonderful home away from home while here.  Ruth is an amazingly generous hostess, we all feel so comfortable and welcomed here.  And we will be back..a couple more times!




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