All this history! Hampton Court Palace


Hannah for one was in raptures visiting Hampton Court Palace.  I certainly got a much deeper  understanding of the Tudors, Henry 8th et al. And we all got a real sense of how they lived….


The scale of everything at Hampton Court is incredible. Such vastness.


The huge kitchens catering for up to 600 people at a time (and Henry the 8th liked to party and liked to eat.)  There was even this huge fire going and being kept stocked by some poor guy, which gave a great smell to the kitchens.
There was space to roast several whole pigs on spits in the front.


Incredible organisation, I liked these smaller fires which you could control the heat on more easily.
We all had audio tours, there were three different types, Charlie had a child’s one which kept him running around, laughing, filling in booklets and quite captivated for hours.


I was blown away by the frescoes, and again the scale of them…


Two of Hannah’s favourite women.  Well I know she adores Ann Boleyn….


Gardens to die for.  I know I am meant to be inspired by them and I am. Totally.  Also though is a lingering question of what am I not doing at home in my own gardens to get them to look like this….


It was too hot to wander for long around the gardens, so respite in this shady privvy garden was welcome  and a good place  for peeping through.


So much space, such grandeur….I will just run out of adjectives soon.


We saw an armoury room like this but on a smaller scale at Alnwick Castle.  The walls are literally lined with weapons, all laid out in intricate and clever patterns – quite stunning to look at.  Plus they were all used as well, and kept in working order and cleaned.


Ollie just loved it and is planning to decorate his room in a similar fashion when we return.  I only wish I was joking….


One of the royal beds…..with more frescoes  and the most enormous portraits.  The furniture, the art, the decorations…. the everything was just mindblowingly lavish…


The stories about how the rooms were used and how society conducted itself were fascinating.

Charlie, using his best plum-in-the-mouth, ‘what ho old chap’ voice giving old Henry himself a piece of his mind about “all those beheadings…”!!

I think it is fair to say we all just loved Hampton Court, we spent 7 hours there…


The kids certainly were all just a-MAZE-d by it!


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