A little bit potty….


We started our Harry Potter London experience by going on a walking tour, one that was Harry Potter based.  Our guide was a champion of JK Rowling and could not sing her praises enough, this was fine with us!




See the little Gryffindor flag he carried (and he had a matching tie) while he marched us past Parliament, onto the Westminster bridge, up Whitehall, through to Trafalgar Square and up Charing Cross road…filling us in with movie locations and many little snippets (magical and historical too).


The kids there all got to produce and keep a wand at the end…

Then we wandered on to Covent Garden and saw a few performers, quite  a buzz on a Saturday evening…


This 50 yr old made me miss doing Yoga, as he contorted himself  in many ways and as a finale folded himself into a glass box!


We returned to Trafalgar Square for more street entertainers,  a photo session and a very potted version of the Battle of Waterloo for Charlie who wanted to know just who this Nelson fellow was!



PS.. Hannah and I have also managed a girls night out – we got 10 pound tickets to a great musical “Merrily we Roll Along”.
Just love that West End…..


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