Tales from the Tower…….


Tower of London.

One of those big ticket items on the list….and again there is good reason for that.  All so impressive and exciting!


Traitors gate….it is a buzz to visit places that are known, that have a place in our consciousness.  Hannah is particularly well versed in history (and gets so excited by parts of it), so she too really loves visiting these significant places.IMG_2986

We had a tour. Again everyting is so very well organised for tourists.
A “scenario” acted out was particulary amusing and brought the whole place to life for us.


We walked the walls, googled at the Crown Jewels, saw age old grafitti from prisoners and torture devices.  The information about the royal menagerie was fascinating – there was a whole, huge zoo here which the public could visit, although possibly the executions were more popular…


The ravens were ever present as they have always been, the beefeaters still firmly believe that if the ravens leave that the Tower and indeed the whole of London will decline too.  There are about 20 Beefeaters who live on site with their families…they have to have  served in the armed forces for at least 22 years and have attained a certain rank to qualify as a warden of the tower.

A day well spent, with plenty to see and read about,

IMG_3010Our trips have acquired some routine, some habitual practices….When we are hot and about to embark on a reasonably long tube trip we buy ice cold fruit coolers to sustain us!



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