Fancy a detox?


If you feel as though you could do with a detox then let me tell you that being in London this week is on par with visiting a Turkish bath.
There was 34 degrees recorded on a tube the other day – the kids keep asking why places have no air conditioning….

So there is that usual thing you get in a big city, the grimy, dirty, smoggy feel, but this is all countered with more than a fair amount of sweating too….We have been in quite a routine this week returning early evening from our adventures and in cold water, scrubbing, sluicing and soaking  it all away but feeling as though we have been in a sauna for several hours (which in effect we have)….

The biggest news is that Hannah has joined us, hoping for some cooler weather after her holiday in Switzerland.  She arrived at Heathrow looking taller, more tanned and more (if this is possible) super confident than ever.
She is all prepared (or will be in a few weeks) to return to Switzerland to go to school and live with our lovely friends there…for a year!
I just love the way (the unschooling) life takes you on different journeys…


Our first day in London was a full and varied one. We travelled by bus and tube and started with the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.  I thought perhaps there was something  bigger afoot (a Royal birth perhaps!?) but no, a friendly bobby assured me this was just the usual crowds they get every day at 11.30….


Charlie, being smaller managed to squirm his way to the front of the crowd.


We wandered up C0nstitution Hill and into Hyde Park where we we keen to try out the bike scheme known as Boris Bikes.(You pay a small amount and get a code which unlocks the bike).


Charlie fitted on fine with the seat right down.  It was wonderful to cycle around, gave us a welcome breeze.



We picniced at the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, a circular affair packed with folk trying to cool off….very nice place.


Hannah had her turn on a merry-go-round….

We visited the wonderful playground (also dedicated to Princess Di) – everything a playground should be, sand, water, trees, wood….You need to enter with an adult so we will return one day for a water fight….


It amazed me to have so much green space with wide roads right in the middle of a huge city.  It probably amazes everyone else to see the grass brown already too….


After cycling all around Hyde park we headed on the tube to Kings Cross station to see Hannah and Ollie off to Hogwarts….


We will miss them of course but know they will be having a magical time…


Charlie, being only 9yrs has to wait a couple more years until he receives his letter from Hogwarts, so his photo is a well faked one….good to practice though.


IMG_2972Hannah has been delighted with the red phone boxes, mostly unused these days of course, but very good for tourist photo opportunites.

IMG_2975Last stop of the day, after a bus ride down Oxford St, was Harrods…we wandered around the food halls, rode the escalators up and down (the fancy Egyptian one) and generally behaved like the tired and sweaty tourists we were.



At the end of the day though we are lucky enugh to have this oasis of a garden waiting for us to eat dinner in, after our top-to-toe-scrub.


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