Another Jane Austen moment or two.




After just one day to recover and forget the stress of driving (I did consider seelling the car…) we headed off down south, a very easy drive really only two turns from were we are staying….OK that is simplifying it, we still had lists, instructions and maps….
Our destination was Bordon, Hampshire, where Ollie has been taking part in a Trueways Young Survivalists course.

This is something he has wanted to do for several years and how exciting to have made it happen for him.  Not only did we not get lost we were early!



And there to meet him was Emy (cousin of some description!) who did the weekend with him.

But enough of forests and sleeping rough and eating bugs (yes he did!)…..

Looking at the map Jane Austen’s home was within spitting distance in nearby Chawton!


Charlie was, again, the perfect companion as he went straight off to find the kids quiz and disappeared upstairs happily.   Then managed to produce more writing than he normally would in a year while writing with a quill!

The museu was well set up for kids. 


And of course well set up for those adults that just can’t pass by an opportunity to dress up themselves…



I fit in perfectly don’t you think?   I even had a “turn around the garden.”

IMG_2881Although I did restrain myself from buying a Mr Darcy mug (with Colin Firth’s photo on) or a tee shirt saying “Mrs Darcy”…..
Only just though.  




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