Breathing out….


With maps and instructions in hand and Charlie on the job we set out for London, leaving the quiet and empty Yorkshire Moors behind.

Those motorways are quick!
We planned a stop at Audley End House, an English Heritage property down in Essex.
You know that moment in Pride and Predujice when Elizabeth sees Pemberley for the  first time (having just turned down a marriage proposal that would have made her mistress of it)?

Well I had one of those moments when we first saw Audley End House….



I even liked the quirky topiary..

We got a free tour around the inside  of the house, and spent the afternoon happily lying in the sun (me), wandering around the expansive gardens (me), feeding the ducks (Charlie) and dressing up in the stables (the boys).


Charlie also speaks as though he has a plum in his mouth and often throws a “what ho chaps?!” into the conversation, so he was quite in character here!


That night there was an outdoor screening of Casablanca in the grounds!  We watched the inflatable screen being errected all ready, what a wonderful setting…


The short story is we made it to London.

The longer version is….we made it to London but I was so tense when we arrived in Wimbedon my toes were curled around the clutch and I hadn’t breathed out for the 3 hours it took from Essex!


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  1. Nice house, imagine how hard it would be to keep clean – perhaps you wouldn’t need to, just move from room to room. Also I’d have been tense driving into one of the biggest cities in the world – well done you. (I knew there’ll be plenty of bigger cities but London does have reputation)

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