But wait there’s moor….


Here is Hillside cottage, we are actually in the cottage back a bit, but this is so gorgeous!


Charlie has had a wonderful couple of days hanging out with his Great Auntie Jo.  He has loved being home based, helping out with the garden and other jobs and then, after school playing with the girls next door – especially when they discovered a joint love of shops…..


This is something that just doesn’t happen living on the other side of the world, so they had  9 years of catching up to do!


It is such a treat to be with family and we have all really enjoyed getting to know Jo in her own home and surrounds.


No visit is complete without a visit to a pub!  Here we are right up on the moors having a divine lunch at  The Lion.   I was chatting to an Australian couple taking 12 days to walk the coast to coast (bliss!) and they said they have re-named the walk the pub-to-pub!  I love the pub culture here. So very different from our own Kiwi one…


We had a wonderful wander along by a river on the floor of a valley.  Ollie and Jo had the chance to have some good chats and we heard gales of laughter and they shared stories…many of them based around self defence.
The looks on their faces are those of mid-convulsion!


So many gorgeous and classic English views to behold at every turn…


I love the rows and rows of dry stone walls, they really lend to the gentle feel of the countryside.


Of course there was time for a quick self defence demo before we returned!


There are so many picturesque little montages to find…

Thanks to Jo, the wonderful countryside here and the stunning weather (I know it is always like this….)  !!


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