Under our own steam in Yorkshire


Google Hillside Cottage, Ampleforth.
Go on…

Yep that is us!
A whole blissful week here, courtesy of my Auntie Jo who lives in Ampeforth and has sensibly housed us a short walk from her place.

Not only has the sun been out (and very hot) we are in the most gorgeous place.  Tucked under the southern edge of the Yorkshire Moors there is countryside forever and ever.  Walkways, vistas, peace, quiet, idyllic little villages….


This is a rest stop for us and although my main aim is spending time with Jo  we are fitting in plenty of sightseeing too.
Just having a base to ourselves for a week is heaven after 2 months (already!?) on the road.
Last night Ollie went to visit a local Scout group. Charlie and I had to hang out in the local pub and play cards while we ate a sticky toffee pudding.  That was hard.

Today we have been out playing…


First stop was a dog show type event a “scurry” where dogs had to retrieve an unsmelt object.  Then a whole lot of different competitions.


We all loved the police dog handler and his gorgeous dog Dutch.

Charlie really enjoyed all the dogs.  I was certainly imagining him taking his dog out to events like this in the future.  He  is in good company with his great aunt too!


Then we visited nearby village Helmsley and a huge steam fair there in the gorgeous grounds of Duncombe Hall.  There were several of these old organs playing away, little figures and instruments playing as if by ghosts.


Steam powered vehicles of all sizes, shapes and models…


Then they wanted ladies to drive a steam roller around the main paddock, just as we walked past!  So here I am, very funny and very slow.


Jo was on the other one and she overtook me!


Jo and I also enjoyed a bit of good old fashioned fun on a beautiful round-a-bout.

It s eemed incongruous seeing this beautiful home, straight out of a Jane Austen film, surrounded by cars – even though most were vintage.


I think that is exactly what I find unusual here.
I am expecting, or wanting maybe, the old buildings to be surrounded by the olden days themselves.  Not cars, cell phones, modern clothes shops…..
Maybe I have watched just too many period dramas.


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