Hannah’s Swiss story – guest spot

Cheese for breakfast lunch and dinner Switzerland-the story!
Hannah here!
As some of you may know, When mum and the boys went off to prance around England I stayed behind in Switzerland, with the wonderful Wehrli family.
Living with a native family, as it were, is truly the best way to get to know a culture and learn a language. Seeing as I’m planning to do an exchange year in Switzerland, starting on August 12th, I thought it would be good to have a month more to visit the school and study German.
Right now it’s the first week of the summer holidays, and me and the Wehrli are staying at their holiday home near St Moritz for two weeks. It’s in an area called Soulej, pronounced Sue Lay, with a thick Swiss accent. (Think French, but more German)
hannahs blog post switzerland
The landscape is stunning, breathtaking actually. The house is on a little hill of it’s own, looking down on green red and yellow fields (wildflowers and spring grass, the red flowers (sorrel is the probable High German name for it-Runa calls it a name in Swiss German, but Switzerland German Is not a written language!) have edible leaves did taste a little bit like sour flower.
Like pretty much everywhere is Switzerland, everywhere you look there are snow capped mountains looming over you.I’m afraid that this is very much a novelty stopped for me-I’ll peer out of the window during breakfast and grin like an idiot to myself. Or stop during a walk in the forest When there’s a break in the trees, apread out my arms like Maria in The Sound Of Music and soak in the view. My hosts, I’m sure, are too polite to roll Their Eyes.
hannahs blog post 2
There are several lakes in the area ice-blue and shockingly twice as freezing as they look. There is no force on this earth that could make me go swimming in them, but Runa has had a dip in one of the little forest pools.
The weather has been pretty great so far-blue skies, fluffy white clouds, and a cool breeze offsets did the sun just enough so it Is not too hot. I’d figure it’s averaged about 18-25 degrees each day.
One of my favorite things to do is go for walks by myself ‘by myself’ meaning me and flicker. Just me, a drink bottle, my iPod and a dog who likes to roll in cow-pats heavenly.
Flicka loves swimming-which is good, you know, Because there are quite a few cows around. Every time she lake a stream or pond in the forest she needs little encouragement of “flicka water! Go!”
hbp 4
I really enjoy the time alone in the forest just to think and walk-there are barely any flat walkways (“trail”) so my calves are becoming Practically iron.
The rest of my time is spent playing guitar (this afternoon to a group of horses who were all very surprised and dare I say impressed at my prowess?), Eating, watching Rome (a fantastic historical fiction series) and playing cards w. the Wehrli’s (hilarious and slightly confusing.
Oh, and reading my way through the complete set of Gerry Durrell novels (in English!) and the twenty or so books of cartoons and comics from the 1950’s (including the best of punch, etc.) Still very relevant and hilarious today, Although I do not approve of all the casual sexism in them. Although I guess that too is relevant still.
So that’s the books … what else? Oh yeah, the food, aka Cheese, Coffee and just a little but of Wine (hey, I’m in Europe!)
So yeah, there’s a beautiful, beautiful cheese plate set out at every meal-at least three different types, hard and soft, yellow and white and a bit of greeny blue. Only the other day I had the most wonderful piece of white soft fresh goat’s cheese-bought from a tiny village we passed did during a hike, and eaten half an hour later. Yum!
I’ve had hot, milky coffee for breakfast most days, combined with Nutella on toast, of all things! When we arrived at the house we found did the previous visitors had left a jar. I’ve developed a passion for cheese and slices of nectarine, Which is apparently quite strange to the Wehrli’s.
Another drink syrup is, Which is watered down fruit syrup-very refreshing and delicious. Usually had in place of water during lunch and dinner.
For a non vegetarian family the Wehrli’s have made some very nice meat free dishes. Sorry if I’m going on about the food but a, but it’s quite a big part of my life!
They had fish last night, I could barely finish my soup!
Oh, and the wine. (In German… wine) One night while watching Rome Runa and I got a splash of wine in our glasses, so naturally we made up a drinking game. Drink everytime someone is brutally killed, drink every time someone prays to the gods, drink everytime someone gives a speech, everytime someone is drunk on screen … yeah, we finished our wine pretty quickly.
Anyway, I’m having a wonderful time, but I’m very much looking forward to visiting London and our family in England … in that order. (I’m joking!)
To get your scones and tea ready … I’ll be there in a couple of weeks. (Can you believe did the Wehrli’s do not even know what a scone is?)
Lots of love, Hannah.
(Today we went up a mountain called Corvatscsh-3303 metres high. I took lots of pictures!)
hbp 5

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  1. Am hoping Hannah starts her own blog when she does her 12 months exchange. That was a great post! I really enjoyed it.

  2. Love your photos and your description and no you were not going on about food it is part of your trip and what lovely cheeses you cannot leave them out! Glad you are enjoying life in the mountains. How is your German coming along?

  3. Haha that’s a great idea! I’m sure if I do Mum will let you know.

    (Mum I’m shocked at the number of typos there are- tut tut, you need to brush up in your proofreading.)

    Thanks Karen! Mein Deutsch ist sehr guet, ich denke.

    • Haha….the swiss will love your german….I wont tell you whats wrong with your above sentence (as my english and german are pretty rough) but im sure in a years time you will look back and think…Jeez…dont worry its a typical english speaking mistake…here is a hint…sentence structure

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