A brooding Durham Cathedral.


I have always wanted to visit Durham.  I considered a university exchange years ago and have had it stored away in my mental notebook ever since.


We went on a tour of the Cathedral so we got all the cool stories and learnt all about St. Cuthbert…



Then I surprised the boys and we went out to the Cloisters and of course it just screams Harry Potter!


A friendly guide pointed out some alterations Warner Bros made to the 1000 year old cloisters!


After walking demurely around the cathedral and asking intelligent questions of the guide we went out into bright sunshine and picniced on the grass outside.

I honestly feel as though I am on holiday with a couple of lion cubs at times.  A patch of grass is like a red rag to a bull.  They just explode out of the car sometimes and roll around…



Still it gave all those school kids something to look at while they sat quietly and ate their lunches.



And Ollie got his own back, don’t worry….



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