Couschsurfing in Newcastle






Months ago we booked in  to stay in Newcastle, couchsurfing.
Kathryn and Tony had just returned from three weeks in Vietnam and were still jeg lagged, but they happily took us in, picked us up, (no sat nav means we get lost the instant we head off the motorway!) , fed us and advised us.


We took a bus into Newcastle and wandered along the Quay side and over the Millenuim bridge.


We went into the Baltic Centre and up to the 5th floor to get this great view of the bridge.  The boys were not at all impressed with the modern art on display!


Kathryn took me out to the beach at Tynemouth, where I enjoyed watching her practise her hula hooping – with some pretty neat tricks.  🙂

The beach would be a top resort if the weather matched the surrounds. Lovely.


Then Kathryn made us a traditional English pudding -chocolate bubble cake – three ingredients cocoa pops, butter and mars bars!




It is surprisingly easy to eat, not too sweet…

I have found people here to be exceedingly friendly and helpful – strangers on the street (we do a lot of direction asking!), shopkeepers, other walkers and of course those we have been lucky enough to stay with.
Thanks to you all!


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