On the B6318


With Charlie as my trusty sidekick come mapreader we are becoming experts  navigators…Of course there is a lot of disscussion about roads and where we are going.  While travelling along Hadrians wall I got a little riff going in my head, sort of a country style, plenty of banjo…

The B-6-3-1-8
Those  Romans built it straight
And we prefer it anyday
Compared to those roads that start with ‘A”
On the B-6-3-1-8

We’re on the B-6-3-1-8
Travelling this way we’re never late
It may be a little rough
Plenty of pot holes and other stuff
But-we-love-the B-6-3-1-8

We’re on the B-6-3-1-8
We think this road is really great
With Hadrians Wall there on our left
Leaving here we’re quite bereft
But we’re on the B6318




We visited the Birdoswald Roman fort, and walked along the  longest surviving stretch of wall.



And we had sunshine too, made all the difference.


We stayed in a camping barn (seen here) on a gorgeous farm, spitting distance from the wall.  The lovely couple who ran it have an organic cafe on site cafe and make their own cheese from their own milk (less than 30 cows).  It was a peaceful place to rest and I enjoyed the company of Steven (13) who showed me around, chatted and later lent me his guitar so I could have a music filled evening.



I watched them get the cows down for milking, a wonderful sight on a summer’s evening down a narrow hedge lined lane, Eric and Steven on their bikes ushering them along.    After Eric started milking we noticed there were three cows that had been left behind and were standing patiently at the gate!  So I let them in too.

I haven’t worked the chords out yet, but we are still singing the “B6318” and leave the area with  fond memories, as well as a potential hit single!



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  1. We like the song Jane 🙂 We stayed in a cottage just off the B6318 last year, what an exciting area to be in. Vindolanda fort is the one with the remains of Roman notes and letters.

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