Those Romans


They really got around those Romans…
Here we are in thick Cotswold countryside and what do you know… there is a Roman villa – think huge country house for the upper class – tucked away.
Chedworth Villa is a well visited Roman ruin very near to North Leach.
We really enjoyed the scale of it – just one large dwelling, which meant we could read and see everything without it all being too overwhelming.



There were two main bathing rooms all with  cold plunge pools, hot pools steam rooms and even a hair plucking area…



The floors in the best preserved rooms were all made from thousands of tiny square, coloured tiles.   Excavation was in progress.



There were some very modern and very Pacific looking patterns on the floors too.



It was a lovely warm day and very enjoyable to wander around the ruins.\

Vicki kindly took time off work to hang out with us and in return we gave her the travel bug…



Charlie enjoyed  working out what each room had been used for and how they all connected together.  There was an extensive  heating system throughout.  Stoke holes outside the buildings linked into underfloor, wall and even ceiling vents that piped the hot air around as well as heating the water for the baths.

Why did the Roman way of bathing never catch on in England after they left I wonder…It reminded me of the Turkish Hamans.

What I find fascinating too is how when the empire crumbled, this villa was deserted and then left to fall into ruin until discovered by the Victorians….hundreds of years later!
It is just 3 miles from a major Roman road,(one still in use today – The Fosse Way – dead straight for miles and miles) yet no one discovered , or continued to use this place complete with gardens, baths and even glass windows!



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  1. Ooh your way of learning history is so much better than ours at the moment … lol I am so envious, except of that nasty boil, which am glad to hear has cleared up. 🙂

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