Have wheels, will travel…..



Our new car!
Yes, the leg is healing and the north is calling us.  With borrowed tents and bedding we are off to wilder places.

Andy has been great searching, buying, collecting and fixing up our new Ford Fiesta.  He has worked for the Subaru World Rally team and even worked with Possum Bourne when they were in NZ.  I am so grateful to him for putting in so much time, it has made it all so easy for us.
Leaving here is hard and only possible knowing that we will return in August.


It has been so lovely living with our cousins. They have just been so generous slotting us into their busy lives.  We have had evenings out walking, kicking a ball about, wandering around the village of NorthLeach.
Ollie visited the local Scout group too and had a ball.


Ella  and Charlie share a love of animals….



We so look forward to returning.  Thanks for everything.

Meanwhile, lakes and mountains will draw us up the M5 and M6 tomorrow as I get to realise a long held dream and we go to the Lake District…


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  1. Lake Windermere, Beatrix Potters House and lunch at The Drunken Duck was what we managed on our way driving through. Would love to go back to the Lake District with more time.

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