Friends, Romans, countrymen….



Here he is….



And again….



Yes, Will Shakespeare himself.
I have spent a blissful day being a tourist, a real tourist in Stratford-upon-Avon. And I was alone.  (!!!)
(Did you know Avon just means River, and there are 9 “Avons”  in England?)

It reminded me of Bulls in NZ where the town has unashamedly used bad puns to cash on on the name, eg the police station is Consta-Bull, Church is Forgive-a-bull.

Similarities with Bulls end right there.
Stratford is a beautiful old market town, with the river running through it and the most gorgeous long boats drifting along passing through the many locks.


See what I mean about many…?



I can feel a canal boat holiday coming on…


Obviously there are pubs, shop names, boat names like this making the most of the world most famous writer…. but the best  I heard was a sign in the window of a camping shop during a winter sale –
“This is the winter of our discounted tents….”



I did a two hour walking tour of Stratford which was heavenly.  Being a tourist and just being told things and guided around while in such a historic place and in great company…perfect.   It made a change from being self guided and reading up in advance, just wallowing in someone elses knowledge, experience and humour…



This is the curse on William Shkespears’ grave.  He was a wealthy man and paid to have an under floor plot right up the front of the church.



Picturesque as ever…as our guide said this spot encapsulates all that is truly English…the river, the trees, the Church steeple and across the road….the pub!



I visited the birthplace of WS.  Here a guide gives a witty commentary on life back then and details from daily life.



Outside we were treated to perfomances of scenes from any of Shakespeare’s plays, as requested by anyone who cared to.  These three versatile actors chnaged characters and plays fluidly for our entertainment and they sang too.



This, the birthplace, is one of 5 houses linked to the great Bard in the town. Plus three theatres and other properties nearby. Don’t forget all the pubs, shops, boat trips and many green and pleasant places to sprawl out in the sun along the river bank.

Who ever said holidaying was relaxing?


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  1. It all sounds romantic and wonderful, lucky you. Did I every boast, that WS is an ancestor of mine? Apparently one of his sisters is part of my family tree so that makes him an uncle to the power of some large number. I need to dig out that writing gene, or maybe transpose it into a painting gene.

  2. I have just spent the week reading Shakespeare to my girls (a modified book for children) and they have loved the stories. How opportune is your posting … I just showed my girls your pics … thanks 🙂

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