Cotswolds and cousins















Ahhh the gentle English countryside….


Here we are in deepest rural Cotswolds.  It is bliss to to be surrounded by dry stone walls, cute stone cottagesand  narrow country lanes.

We are staying in North Leach with my lovely cousin and family.  Not only are they travellers themselves but “Kiwiphiles”.   It is comforting  to spot photos of us tramping in NZ on their walls and little momentos of NZ around the place.

The village they live in is adorable.  And when walking  there is another village every ten minutes.  It reminds me of home in that they can walk around to everything, know everyone and have a strong sense of community.
It is so very English though….




Good old fashioned sweet shop in Bourton-on-the-water.

I love being a tourist so Bourton-on-the water is the classic Cotswold experience.  Gorgeous!





Lower Slaughter….we wondered if there had been a mass murder here or just many butcher shops…


Beautiful fields of Rapeseed ( I have heard they are changing the name).  The little walkways are everywhere and you can cut through fields.



The landscape here is very gentle.  I could happily wander around for weeks on end.

One day I plan to.


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  1. When we were in Bourton-on-the-water, they were having the cutest little duck race (thousands of plastic ducks) so we all bought one but didn’t win. What a great fundraiser!!. I loved the perfumery and bought a few take home souvenirs from there. Did you come across the worlds biggest hedge maize just down the road? That was lots of fun too. It’s such a beautiful place to live.

  2. Hoi…its also called Canola oil…nearly one and the same…its a slightly different cultivar but from rapeseed…
    Looks fabulous in the English countryside

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