Best foot forward


After a ten day sabatical from the rigours of travelling my right foot is itching to be on the road again…and I think it will be  OK to be pushing an acelerator even.

We have been well looked after, cossetted, loved and tended to  while my infection slowly heals.  After being so far away from extended family for so long this was just the perfect excuse to have quality time with some of them.



We chose this date to arrive in London because  the Trooping of the Colour was on, so in my pained state we made it up and were a part of all the pomp and excitement.


We were too late to get front row view but Charlie got a lift on someones shoulders and took some great photos….


We got a clear view of the whole family out on the balcony.   I hope they enjoyed the 21 gun salute and fly-over as much as the boys did!



While in London the boys were well loooked after.  They were taken out walking, picking strawberries and  deer spotting in Richmond Park.


Our lovely hostess, Ruth made us so welcome in Wimbledon and  looked after us so gently. Making pizzas with the boys here.


Because of my leg we changed our plans and I was happy to be looked after by my wonderful Aunt and Uncle who swept us off down to Devon for a bonus few days of beachside recovery..

One of the biggest treats has been to spend extra time with my Grandmother.


This involves bananagrams and always cups of tea and eating…Perfect convalescence activities.


Plus being by the sea is a balm.  We had a gorgeous sunset and managed a walk to check out such classical English scenes as these beach huts.



Charlie’s canine devotion has been transferred to Quiddy, Haze and Dave’s beautiful red labrador who will be our UK dog to walk and play with….



This first week or so in the UK has been different to what I planned and also so lovely.  Having to stop, rest and heal has meant  spending bonus time with our family here…and for that I am truly grateful.


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