Blighty beckons


It was so very exciting to fly in to England last week. To see the Thames snaking her way below, various landmarks appearing between the clouds.
I was surpirsed how wonderful it was to get on the tube and find an Evening Standard there.  I hadn’t realised how much I had missed reading…in English.

Apart from a wonderful day catching up with family, a visit to the theatre and a super quick trip to see The Trooping of the Colour, I have been enjoying an alternative experience to the regular tourist attractions.
St Georges Hospital (Tooting) has become my second home this last few days.
I feel as though I am in a TV drama although not sure why as I am very unfamiliar with both TV and hospitals.
Nothing life threatening, an infection which started as a blister on my leg  in Switzerland and turned into a boil.  An out-of-control, severly infected one at that.
Long story short (I am getting queasy just talking about it) walking is painful, wearing trousers is painful, standing is painful.
Lying in bed being fed strawberries, reading or watching movies…well that seems to be ok….
The extremely friendly and wonderful Doctors have given me three days of TLC and there is still more to come, hopefully just one day more.

It has been a strange sort of welcome to my country of birth, but no doubt my body was needing a well deserved rest after 6 weeks of ushering 3 offspring around Turkey. Holidays can be very tiring after all.

So I am feeling very spoiled and looked after by a small army of guardian angels here (and Guardian-reading angels….oh English newspapers!).
I am so lucky as this is exactly the right place to be.
And what a chance for me to practice patience (I am trying not to peek too much into the teetering pile of UK guidebooks by my bed and to start planning various trips….).
And flexibility.
And trust.

So much more than a boil really and for that I am truly grateful.


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  1. Your commitment to seeing the silver lining in every situation is truly inspiring, Jane. My thoughts are with you as you rest and heal. You will be missed at the winter camp this weekend.

    Feeling gratitude for knowing you,
    ~Danielle xo

    • Oh yeah sorry what am I thinking? The boys thought you would all like photos of the actual infection….now that is enough to put you off a bowl of strawberries!

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