Impressions of Switzerland

Impressions of Switzerland

All my time in Switzerland I have been humming tunes from a certain movie about mountains and nuns…. actually set in Austria, but I guess it is close enough to make one think of your favourite things….

Like all the flags…


Not sleigh bells but cow bells…and yes we had crisp apple strudel


The neatly stacked wood piles everywhere, cut to regulation size would make Wayne swoon…


Another one of my favourite things, those dinky fireplaces everywhere…


High on a hill is a….


Walensee, a picturesque Lake where we cruised, walked to  a spectacular water fall, ate cheese and chocolate.




The rule of thimb is that Fondue is really a dish for cold wet weather, so a cooler day was welcomed and we were treated to this national dish.





The wonderba family Wehrli!
Danke SO much for having us (excuse the Germ-ish). It was so amazing to be incorporated into your lives and we loved living with you in your gorgeous home.  Thanks for being family to all of us and continuing to be Hannah’s…
If you guys epitomise the Swiss…what’s not to like?



So long, farewell auf wiedersehen, goodbye….


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  1. So loving all your updates but am thinking I could live in Switzerland except for the whole no homeschooling thing. They have some really cool ways … dogs on trains, love it!

  2. Jane I’ve just spent a wonderful hour+ reading about your travels so far (thanks to Jane Eves for sending me the link) You look and sound to be having a fabulous time. Only 3 weeks until Ayrton and I make our trip back to the Uk. Hope you enjoy the rest of your adventure – I look forward to reading all about it. Marcia x

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