Swiss Scouts





Ollie has been carrying his Scout uniform and spare badges around and so looking forward to connecting with other Scouts around the world.

Scouts here is on Saturday afternoon and runs for about three hours.
There are Scout huts, usually in a forest or by a river, with plenty of outdoor areas, fireplace etc.
Ollie found Scouts here pretty laid back.  the leaders here are all teenagers, no adults involved, even for camps.  Formalities are only used on camps or at other big events.  There was a move away from the more military style of Scouts about 40 years ago, and the feeling has stuck.  So it is more about fun and games and being outdoors, not so much earning badges, ironing your scarf and standing properly.
The funny thing was that when Lionel and Ollie got ready they found out they  had the same coloured scarf! Runa goes to a differnet troop and wears a really traditional shirt.



The boys head off, independently of course, to catch the train for an afternoon of fire, treasure hunt, water fight, food and sunshine…


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  1. That is so very cool! I wonder what their figures are like? One of the main reasons Scouts in NZ/Aussie opened up to girls was to increase their numbers. Am thinking maybe if they adopted the Swisses ideas they’d get more boys back.

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