Rocky mountain high


Yesterday  Richard and Gabriela took us by train to Luzern (Lucerne).
Hannah was at school (!!) as were their kids (Runa -14 and Lionel -11).

The trains are ultra efficient, if they say it comes at 7.22…it does!  They are quiet, clean, have toilets and there are lots of them.

We changed a few times and started our sightseeing by going  to Mt Pilatus and riding on the…


I always enjoy being a tourist when there is the highest/longest/tallest involved….


The little carriages take about 40 minutes to get to the top and at times the gradient reaches 48%…unbelieveably steep!  And slighty freaky too…


The higher we got the more we regressed into early spring, with plenty of snow still around and only the very first flowers on the scene.  We saw little mountain goats from the windows and the lake below grow smaller and smaller as we climbed to 2132m above sea level!!


Two Capricorns – we didn’t see a live “Capricorn” but were impressed with this one in the area at the top where  there is a hotel, resturant and souvenir shop.


It was much colder up there, we climbed to the actual peak which is known as “The Donkey”.  Just a touch of hazy cloud meant the views looked fuzzy, but still spectacular – we were glad to have been up on such a nice day.


Luzernersee (the Lake of Lucerne) from the top.

But wait there is more!  We could have walked down, but heading down the other side of Mt Pilatus are a series of cable cars.



These also were greeted with cries of delight from the boys.



A tiny church nestled not far below the summit.


As we descended we returned to high summer again, green pastures, hot sun.



And  a picnic lunch under the trees by a playground, complete with little and well stocked fireplace – you can see the wood shed.  Just like our picnics at home with me cutting up the apples, cheese and bread, except it was Swiss cheese and bread – most delicious!


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  1. Wow looks is just how I remember Switzerland..beautiful mountains and green valleys with gorgeous swiss houses and villages…. and cows with bells! Don’t forget to bring a cowbell home for a souvenir :-)..I still have mine somewhere from 32 years ago!! You all look like you are having an amazing time on your travels….soak up that clear, fresh swiss air! XXXXX

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