And to Luzern, medieval city


To continue with our day out….We walked the old Luzern a most gorgeous medieval city still in place amongst the modern.


The entrance to the old city, a covered wooden bridge with watchtower.



Inside the covered bridge crossing the lake…


I loved just wandering the cobbled streets, with the dog Flicker in tow of course! (and Charlie doing his gangnam style pose…)


So many of the buildings were covered in original paintings, poems and designs.


The water here is clean and fresh to drink.  Untreated too!  In Ennenda there are 50 wells (it is a small town of 2000) and the water is delicious.  In  Luzern the water is still gorgeous, and cold – cheaper than buying us all refreshments anyway.


More gorgeous decoratives….


You can even work out what they say….after 500 years!


This is the “Weeping Lion” statue, that commemorates the Swiss guards who were killed in the French Revolution in 1792.  It is set in a huge cliff face in the city.

Gabriela and I on the bridge…It feels like a river, but the town is built along the lake, a stunning location.



I love the cycling culture here, bikes are everywhere.  Here are just a few I spotted in Luzern.



It was a bit of a power trip (fast, not egotistical) around the city, but I know there is still plenty to see on my next trip….


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