Switzerland – it’s a dog’s life


This country is so surprising….there are laws made about all sorts of things and often for really good reasons too.

But life is not restrictive, instead in some areas there is so much freedom.

Our friends here, in Ennenda (Glarus valley if you are getting out your atlas) have a gorgeous dog – Flicker.  Charlie is in heaven.


She is a beautiful and calm natured dog and we are all in love with her.  Richard and Gabriela are very generous with allowing  Charlie, especially, to  be with her lead her, take her out etc.  Flicker is exceptionally laid  back.

Dogs are more than toleratedhere, they are welcomed.  They go everywhere into shops, onto buses and trains, cable cars, into cities…



We just love it!  It certainly makes owning a dog here a very attractive option,
(compared to NZ where one of my biggest arguments against having a dog has been that we can’t take it to so many places).


Flicker even has her own annual transport pass, like the rest of the family – it is a half price one, like a child!  Hund is German for dog (like hound….)





Although if your pooch can fit onto a handbag, like this special doggie bag, then they travel free.



And although Flicker can run like the wind there are times when she can hitch a ride behind the bikes….


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