So what have we been up to?






Not only dogs are welcome on trains, but there is plenty of space for bikes too- provisions made for them and tickets required of course!



So off we went to the head of the valley here,  about 20 minutes by train with kids, dog and bikes….  Stunningly amazing scenery, little villages every few minutes, gardens, meadows and mountains…



Yes it actually looks like this.
There are cycle tracks everywhere and people using them too.  School is shut Wednesday afternoon so kids were out and about, although nowhere feels crowded yet..



I had the luxury of riding on the back of a tandem!  Great  for me as I could look around and not have to remind myself to stick to the right all the time.



The kids are all riding around, they seem to have adapted well to the right side of the road…mostly!
Lionel is 11 and him and Charlie get on well, enjoying similar games.

We spent a couple of hours cycling home along the river, stopping for pasteries and icecream when needed.

Ollie then went with Lionel to Judo and ended up staying for the older class too he had a great time – he loves all martial arts, even though he does TKD.

I can just feel us getting fitter by the hour all this fresh air and exercise…


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