And the sun comes out….




Just have to show you what we are dealing with here….



In Glarus, a valley of high mountains on each side and little towns and villages dotted up the valley floor, walkways everywhere…



This is our mountain and village – Ennenda.
For real!! And the cows have bells around their necks.

There will be more soon….


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  1. “The hills are alive…with the sound of music” go on do it, bet you have already, lots of times. Oh the bells, the hills, the houses…the quiet. I remember it all well. :0)

  2. Gruetzi Jane!
    With Turkey in the news, I was thinking of you and checked out your blog. It looks like you have had some wonderful fun adventures but you will be pleased to have missed the current chaos I’m sure.
    You are probably more up to date than us with what is going on, but maybe you’ll like this video which explains one perspective in quite a simple way.

    Switzerland brings back memories – my son was born in Illanz (Graubunden) 19 years ago to the day. Enjoy the chocolate and the mountains.Looks like the sky is blue again.
    Gisela xx

    • Gruetzi Gisella!
      Wow, I didn’t realise you had lived back here. Yes is a gorgeous country, super organised too. I am enjoying learning about how this place works…
      Thanks will watch the link, we never saw a thing, but has gotten crazy quickly for sure.
      Nice to hear from you, hope you’re well. J x

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