Culture shock!

Culture shock!

From riots in Istanbul (we never saw a thing there and are shocked at how out of control they have got) to flooding in Zurich!  We arrived in Switzerland 4 days ago (I know, sorry…) to freezing weather and flooding  but what a warm welcome we have received here.  Even a NZ flag at the airport!  🙂

Ironically we have had a couple of links to Turkey still…One has been the community of Turks here who were out in support of their countrymen in Zurich the day we arrived and we enjoyed hearing “merhaba” murmured as we passed them.
Secondly we were met by and have been staying with Kerry and Chantal and their family.  It was Kerry and I who travellled to Turkey 25 years ago together, so it was good to reminisce about our trip…

What  treat to hang out with these guys as they are Kiwis – well technically Chantal and the kids are Swiss  but they have lived in NZ for years so it was like being with Kiwis!  The perfect adjustment for us, to introduce us to Swiss culture and language and well… OK,  food too.
(The diet has been postponed until  England…)

Hannah, Alina and Seraina pigging out on delectable Swiss cheese, then we moved to chocolate…

Kerry, Chantal and family are keen outdoors enthusiasts so were disappointed with the weather which meant some plans were changed.  Still we managed to walk up a hill and around the area (Lake Pffafikon) to a eat cakes (yum!!) at a cafe wtih a gorgeous view…. The area is just beautiful and it was a shame we didn’t see it in the full sun, but got an idea of what it is like.


Our morning tea- turned lunch snacks of hot chocolate, apple juice, fruit tarts, strudel..and more!


Huge hay covered animal sculptures were amusing!


We were so glad to be wearing our rain jackets after carrying them all around Turkey…


The paths we wanted to take were all under water…

I find it very interesting to hear about the school system, the daily life, the cultural differences.  And to start hearing German (mostly Swiss German) to get my head around it.
We love the “wanderwegs” (walkways) – pathways you can take to everywhere and the Swiss seem to use them well – cycling or walking.  The Swiss seems ultra organised and efficient to the extreme in come cases and very laid back about other things.


There are these little fire circles everywhere…very civilised! And never a fire ban, even in mid summer.



The rapidly clearing and spectacular view from the top of a communications tower.


The boys in a crevase that was split apart 80 years ago during a thunder storm!

So thanks to  the family Toms for having us and being such generous hosts…

It was the perfect introduction to this beautiful country.


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